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Scripting: how to modify the description of an attachment?

Set objAttachments = ActiveRequest.Userfields("Attachments").TValue
For i = 0 To objAttachments.Count - 1
Set Attachment = objAttachments(i)
Attachment.Comment = "New 123"
objAttachments(i) = Attachment
ActiveRequest.Userfields("Attachments").TValue = objAttachments


How to modify the links to attachments after a relocation?

To move the attachments from the folder e.g. I:\BE\ to a new folder e.g. H:\ , use the following sql-statement:

UPDATE Attachment
SET orig_name = replace(orig_name,'I:\BE\','H:\')
WHERE link<>0 AND orig_name LIKE 'I:\BE\%';


How to find out which request belongs to a given file in the attachment directory?

  • Decode the 8-digit hex code into decimal system -> <number>
  • This <number> then represents the ID in the OMNITRACKER database table "Attachment". Search by:
    select * from Attachment where id = <number>
  • The column "request" matches the UniqueID of the object in OMNITRACKER, that given attachment belongs to.
  • In the menu "Extras" create a script with the following two lines:

    ReqNo = InputBox("Please insert UniqueID:")
    OpenRequest ReqNo, False, False
  • Now via the tools menu the request can be opened.