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How to deal with erroneous results or error messages during a full-text search?

The index tree for full text search should be updated and compressed at regular intervals. Please carry out the following steps to rebuild the index completely and properly. Afterwards, test the search behavior again.

  1. Stop the index service on the OMNITRACKER server.
  2. Please delete all files except directory_id.txt in the index directory on the OMNITRACKER server. This file is needed in a multi-server architecture.
  3. Start the process Recreate Index in the Admin Client under File->Administration->Fulltext Search Settings
  4. Wait until the message Index recreation started. This can take up to one hour. is displayed.
  5. Restart the index service on the OMNITRACKER server. (In no case before the message Index recreation started is displayed).
  6. Wait until Indexing has reached 100%.
These actions should be performed outside of service hours, as the index tree rebuild puts a heavy load on the system.

The OMNITRACKER administrator can use the task planning (Start>Programs>Task planning...) to define a schedule when an update or compression of the index tree should be done automatically. Further information can be found in the OMNITRACKER Administrator Guide under: Navigation: User Interface > Administrative Operations > Scheduled Task Window. Create one task for Update Index and one for Compress Index.


How to trigger debug logging for full text search?

In the following window, create a new integer value named

Value: 2.

Afterwards, please restart the OT Index service.

Now, a file index_<date>.log and a file C:\Temp\dtsearch.log (= log file of the dtSearch Engine) will be created in the logging directory. Possible Values:

  • "0" Do not generate debug information.
  • "1" Generate a trace log of the OtIndex process in the file index_.log in the OMNITRACKER server log directory (or in C:\Temp if no directory has been defined).
  • "2" Instruct the dtSearch Engine to generate a log file with the name C:\Temp\dtsearch.log. This log file might be requested by the dtSearch Support team when we report a problem to them.
  • "3" For each document that is indexed, store an *.XML file in the OMNITRACKER server log directory (or in C:\Temp if no directory has been defined).
Level 2 includes the actions for level 1.
Level 3 includes the actions for level 1 and 2.