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How to handle error message that MDAC and JET must be installed first?

Make sure that MDAC 2.5 (or higher) and Jet4 SP 3 (or higher) are installed on the client machine. Then you can pass the check with the following option when starting the OT setup:

setup.exe /v"OTI_MSJET_INSTALLED=1"


Windows 7: Error launching the HTML editor (31)

When opening html editor in message templates via button "Edit externally", the message "Error launching the HTML editor (31)" appears.

This is a known problem with Windows 7 and HTML- editoring. In most cases it is caused by installing different web browsers and sometimes by changing the default web browser.

To solve this, please download the Default Programs Editor ( ). Start it and select "File Type Settings", then "Context Menu". There, please filter for ".htm", ". Select" and open one of the given results.


Client 10.0.100 crashes when connecting to server 10.0.200

When connecting with a client version 10.0.100 to a server version 10.0.200, client crashes direct after start.

Go to Service Control Panel, select

"File - Special Configuration Parameters", and add a new string "Versions\MinClientVersion" Value "".


Error during database conversion: Cannot alter table

Cannot alter table 'UserFieldDef' using 'ALTER TABLE' "UserFieldDef" ADD... [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQLServer] Column names must be unique in each table.


The error message indicates that the DB has already been partially converted. Please make sure that you first restore the DB-state of BEFORE the first conversion attempt. Interesting for another analysis is the error that occurs during the FIRST conversion attempt.


SQL-query to detect syntax error in html code of message template

The following SQL-statements can be used to detect errors in message templates. Errors are:

  • double HTML start tags
  • missing HTML end tags
SQL-DB Query:

SELECT,, M.html FROM MessageTemplates M, ProblemArea A
WHERE M.folder =
AND M.type = 0
AND (M.html NOT LIKE '%</html>%'
OR M.html LIKE '%<html%<html%')

MS Access DB-Query:
SELECT,, M.html FROM MessageTemplates M, ProblemArea A
WHERE M.folder =
AND M.type = 0
AND (M.html LIKE '*<html*<html*')


Form Editor: How to avoid bad performance when editing windows forms in form editor?

If you notice a bad performance when editing forms in the form editor of WPF-client, please verify the user settings. How to activate this dialog:

Menu: Edit > User Settings

In order to reduce memory footprint over time, you should reduce the value of Max. Number of Undo operations. This value determines the number of undo-operations kept on the undo-redo-stacks. Please note: For each undoable action on every opened form, two items are kept (undo / redo) on the stacks. Adjust this value according to your system specifications.

After changing this value, you have to close the editor and restart the OT client.


Search Form: Why is my checkbox attached to "Search\Recursive search" deactivated?

A checkbox is placed on a search form and attached to Search\Recursive search, so that subfolders can also be included to a search. But the checkbox is always deactivated.


A base filter is defined in one of the subfolders on fields that are defined in the subfolder (non-inherited). In consequence, a recursive search cannot be done.


Adapt your base filter accordingly or define a new field in the parent folder.


Rules: Why does an evaluation of a rule like Field <> Value return FALSE if the field has a NULL value?

If you define a rule like

Location <> Eckental

then the rule does not match if the field has a NULL value (Location being a field of type DropDown or Reference to Object). Here, an "extra extra null check" is needed. In SQL, any expression containing NULL is considered to be false, e.g.

SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE fld <> 1234

exclusively returns those columns for which the following two conditions hold:

- fld is not 1234
- fld is not NULL

This is currently being done the same way in OMNITRACKER. Solution: Location <> Eckental OR Location is NULL.


How to change a database collation from accent sensitive (AS) to accent insensitive (AI)?

In order to change the collation of the SQL database from accent sensitive (AS) to accent insensitive (AI), you can directly execute these SQL-statements on the affected database. Stop all OT-services first and create a backup of the database.

Example SQL-statements:

USE master;
COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AI;

Verify the collation setting.

SELECT name, collation_name
FROM sys.databases
WHERE name = N'MyOptionsTest';



Open Database Connection (ODBC) Connection cannot be established.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to establish a connection from an application server to the database server. The connection is attempted via an ODBC Native SQL Client to an MS SQL Server 2005 database. After the test has been successfully processed during installation, however, it is unfortunately not possible to connect to the OMNITRACKER.

The status console reports the following error message:

5:51:10 PM Connecting to database
5:51:10 PM Cannot connect to database: Cannot connect to ODBC data source: IM002: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified (file .\DatabaseConnections.cpp, line 49). Retrying after 5 seconds.
5:51:13 PM Login attempt from user SvcCtl from (OtSvcCtl)

You have probably created the ODBC-connection as a "User Data Source Name" (DSN) in the context of the Windows user with which you are logged on to the OT server computer. This DSN is created by the OT server service, which is either located under the system account or runs under another Windows user account, not usable.

Consequently, please create the ODBC connection as a system DSN. Then the OT server can also use this DSN.


What does the unknown Edit Control after the upgrade to OMNITRACKER version V9.3.0 in forms of the ITIL/ITSM template mean?

This is an outdated Control, which has existed in the ITIL and ITSM templates for quite some time. Open the relevant form in the form editor, navigate with the "Goto Control" function to a control named: "Edit10" and delete it.


ORACLE: How can the sort order of a text column be influenced?

Example of an initial situation of sort order:


The sorting in Oracle can be influenced by the parameter nls_sort. The default here is NLS_SORT = BINARY instead of NLS_SORT = BINARY_CI.

This parameter NLS_SORT must be addressed in an Oracle session:

create or replace trigger set_nls_onlogon

END set_nls_onlogon;

After this change, the OT server must be restarted.


How to fix ODBC error: HYT00: Microsoft SQL Server... Query timeout expired(file ServcerObjectLisp.cpp, line 3451).

This rather cryptic error message actually only states that a filter timeout has occurred.

Use case: E-Mails of a ticket are searched for by a filter and then displayed.

It would be possible to increase the query timeout:
-> Please open the OT Server Control Panel and select "File -> Special Configuration Parameters".
-> Create a new integer parameter named here:
Database\QueryTimeout and set it to 60 (default:30 seconds).

Please check whether the new timeout parameter is now effective after a restart of the service.

A better solution would be to use indexes to speed up the search. Please check if there is a variable of type Auto Number in the (E-Mail) folder and if the option Use index in database is checked in the Definition field.


The download of attachments via WebGateway/OtAut fails.

When trying to download or display attachments, e.g. via WebGW, nothing happens (window remains white).

On C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\OmniNet GmbH\OmniTracker


C:\Documents and Settings\{loginname}\Application Data\OmniNet GmbH\OmniTracker

"EVERYONE" should have full access to (is also WORKAROUND).


Problems with upload of attachments: Page not found.

If you select a large file on the tab "Attachments" and then either click on "Upload" or switch to another tab, you only get a white page or "Page not found". There is a size limit of 4 MB for attachments via WebGateway. The limit of the attachment-size is a result of the ASP.NET Framework's restriction on HTTP-request size. For security and performance reasons, the ASP.NET Framework by default accepts no HTTP-requests (including upload files) larger than 4096 KB.

You can change this default value by editing the Web.config file in the .NET configuration in the installation folder of the WebGateway. (Usually C:\inetpub\wwwroot\OTWG) the line of the form "<httpRuntime executionTimeout="600" maxRequestLength="4096" .../>". The crucial point here is the attribute maxRequestLength, which specifies the maximum size of an upload in kB.

Since we unfortunately cannot intercept this message (it occurs in ASP.NET), we would recommend informing users of this size restriction. The best way to do this is to use the Web Form Editor to display the label of an "Attachments" tab (Section Properties).


Why does the message: "MDAC 2.5 and Jet 4 SP3 required" occur during installation?

Please make sure that you have administrator rights on the local computer. Try to install the latest versions of MDAC and JET, available at

If it can be ensured that MDAC 2.5 (or higher) and Jet4 Sp3 (or higher) are installed on the affected client, you can run the OT-setup with the following option without being prompted for these components start: setup.exe /v "OTI_MSJET_INSTALLED=1"


E-MailGW: Error in server log: DropDown Value "Low" not found.

An English OT-database with an OT-server set to German language is used. This server looks for the state "low" in the E-Mail package, which was "low" when saved with an English OT server.

Please change the language settings to English via File - Administration, then log in again and change the language settings back to German. After logging in again, the emailing should work normally. When changing the language settings, all internal identifiers of the installed packages will be translated.


OMNITRACKER reports error messages after database restore.

To ensure the consistency of data in your OMNITRACKER database, we would strongly recommend stopping the OmniTracker Server Services for the duration of the backup. This affects any kind of backup, i.e. on file system level for MDB-files, or also with database tools when using SQL or Oracle servers.

If you do not follow these instructions, inconsistent data in your backup database may occur. In the worst case, the database may be unusable for OMNITRACKER after a restore.

Exception: You do not need to shut down the OMNITRACKER-server if your backup software allows a consistent online backup of your database server. Please check with your backup software vendor to see if this feature is supported.


Error message during installation of WebGateway or OMNITRACKER

During the installation of OMNITRACKER or WebGateway, error messages are reported: The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2755.

This message can have various causes. Most common: The installation was started from a network directory and/or an encrypted or compressed directory. -> Please copy the installation package into a local, uncompressed directory and start the installation from there.

In rare cases, problems with the TEMP-directory or not enough space on the installation partition may be the cause. Please also check for any disabling antivirus programs.


Error when saving a report in the Report Wizard.

The problem probably comes from installed DLLs. The program in the appendix can be used to determine which DLLs are installed at the customer's.


Problems with the download of CR-Runtimes.

When trying to download CR-Runtimes, there is no request for username or password. Received error message: You are not authorized to view this page.

This is a web browser problem. Please go to our download page first:

Then, Internet Explorer displays a small icon with the zone name in the status bar at the bottom right, e.g. "Internet". Please double-click on this icon and click on "Adjust level...". In the "Security Settings" window, scroll down until "User Authentication > Login" becomes visible. Please select "Automatic login only in the Intranet zone". If, for example, "Anonymous login" or "Automatic login with current user name or password" is selected here, no query for user name and password will appear.


Server-side actions: How can server-side actions be performed without the OTTask.Execute method?

According to the documentation, the OTTask.Execute method is not to be used for server-side actions/tasks, since it may not be possible to perform server-side actions/tasks without the OTTask.Execute method. A necessary user intervention can lead to a standstill of the OMNITRACKER server.

The cleanest way to generate automatic tasks (via server action) is as follows:

  • The server script only starts an external VB script and then terminates.
  • This VB-script opens a session to the OT-server (via MakeSessionEx) and creates the task via OtTask.Execute.
By establishing a session through the external script, the script acts as a client and can safely create a task. In case of an error, "only" this client session is affected, and not the whole OT server. The server script looks approximately like this:

Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.Run ("C:\MeinExternesSkript.vbs")

and the external script: C:\MyExternalScript.vbs

Set app = CreateObject("OtAut.OtApplication")
Set Sess = MakeSessionEx(hostname, 5085, "user", "pass", "de")
Set fld = sess.RequestFolders("MyFolder")
Set reqs = fld.Requests
Set tsk = fld.Tasks("MyTask")
tsk.Execute reqs, "c:\MyReport.pdf", 1


Client reports a form error directly at start / XML error when calling the form editor.

After logging in to the OMNITRACKER Client (no matter on which PC) the following errors occur:

1. "Form could not be loaded: Failed to load form text! Line 0: (zero) Source: 2nd Could not initialize search form!"

The same happens every time you click on a folder in the tree structure. For example, if you open a person with a double click, only an empty window:

When trying to access the WindowsForm via the folder definition, the following error occurs: Cannot create XML document!

Calling the WebForms works. Everything else seems to work with the Web client, too.

Apparently, the XML-parser was not installed correctly on the user computers. (e.g.: if your users access the client via terminal connection, the cause would be on the computer where the client is installed) Please proceed as follows to correct the error:

  • Open a command prompt.
  • Change to the Windows system directory
  • (mostly C:\Windows\System32)
  • Execute the following command: regsvr32 msxml4.dll


In OMNITRACKER version 9, fonts are displayed blurry.

This effect is a known Microsoft problem of WPF in .net 3.5 SP1, which occurs under Windows XP in connection with certain (mostly older) LCD screens. .Net 4 contains improved methods for displaying text on screens. We are working to integrate these methods into the end user client. We already have a change request on this topic. Currently, we are unfortunately not able to name a date when an appropriately adapted version of OMNITRACKER will be available. As soon as a new OMNITRACKER version with this change is released, you will be automatically notified again. To improve the situation described immediately, please activate ClearType on your system.

To adjust the rendering parameters of ClearType to your monitor, Microsoft provides a PowerToy that you can download from the address below:


The plain text part of incoming E-Mails is displayed in HTML format.

In the control, where the pure email text should actually be, the E-Mail can be seen as HTML-coded text.

Mostly, this effect is due to the fact that the E-Mail received from the mail server contains ONLY an HTML part. If an email is delivered as a multipart message with HTML and plaintext part, OMNITRACKER will correctly use the plaintext part.

An Exchange server can be configured for a mailbox so that the E-Mails fetched from the Internet via POP3 are automatically provided in plain text format. A conversion is then performed on the Exchange server. An excerpt from the Exchange manual for this configuration can be found in the appendix.


Calling up the login mask of the WPF-client (end user client) takes up to one minute on some systems.

By now we have new knowledge about the slow start of the OMNITRACKER WPF client: As recommended by Microsoft, our programs are digitally signed. For .NET applications, Windows checks whether the signature is still valid when an application is started: For this purpose, a Verisign web service on the Internet is contacted, which maintains a so-called "Certificate Revocation List" (CRL). As long as our certificate is not on this CRL, it is considered valid.

If Windows cannot reach the CRL web server, it tries a few more times and then starts the application anyway. Depending on the timeout on the network until it is detected that the web server is unreachable, the startup may take between a few seconds. Or, if there is no Internet connection, a few minutes. Normally, Windows checks whether there is a connection between the computer and the Internet and suppresses the CRL -check if there is no Internet connection (so that there are no delays on notebooks that are disconnected from the network, for example). Especially on Citrix and Windows terminal servers, however, one often finds the situation that although the system and admin accounts of the server have Internet access, the normal users do not (for security reasons). Then Windows thinks "there is an Internet connection" and tries to reach the CRL-server, but cannot do so due to the restrictions of the normal user. This leads to the long startup times.

You can check whether this situation exists by installing Microsoft Network Monitor on the affected computer, setting the capture or display filter "tcp.port==80 or tcp.port==443", and then starting the capture. This means that packages are sent to *, but no response packages are returned. This means that both data packages are sent to * and reply packages are received from *

There are two alternative ways to solve the problem:

  1. Make sure that all affected users have internet access, at least to the addresses *
  2. Create a text file named "OMNINET.OMNITRACKER.Client.exe.config" in the OMNITRACKER installation directory, with the following content
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false"/>

Very important: If you create the text file, make sure to disable the Windows Explorer option "Hide extensions of known file types", otherwise you can easily create a file with the extension ".txt" by mistake.

Solution 1 ensures that no timeouts occur. Solution 2 suppresses the CRL-check for the OMNITRACKER client. This behavior is described in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article, and is considered a bug there. This means that this is not an OMNITRACKER-specific problem, but all signed .NET-applications are affected.


OtAut: Is it possible to use multiple OtSession objects in the same thread?

It is not possible to create and use the same OtSession object. Within the same thread, it is not possible to execute an OtSession method asynchronously and simultaneously execute another method.


How to create a crash dump with the command line utility ProcDump?

Please download the program ProcDump from the following link and unpack it e.g. to C:\.

Please open a command shell and navigate to the program folder. First, start the OMNITRACKER client. Start Procdump as follows:

procdump.exe -ma -e OMNINET.OMNITRACKER.Client.exe C:\mydumpfile.dmp

The parameter -e triggers the writing of a dump in case of an exception in the program. Please confirm the entry with "Enter" and leave the command shell open. If successful, the program outputs the PID of the client and monitors the process. In case of a crash, a .dmp file is created. Please send it to us.


How to prevent timeouts when Upload attachments?

Open the Web.config from the OTWG-directory in the editor and search for executionTimeout. Please set this value from 60 to 6000.


Attachment download via WebGW/OtAut fails

On C:\Documents and Settingsbsol;All Usersbsol;Application Databsol;OmniNet GmbHbsol;OmniTracker
C:\Documents and Settingsbsol;{loginname}bsol;Application Databsol;OmniNet GmbHbsol;OmniTracker

"EVERYONE" should have full access.


What does the rule "Current user is internal user mean?

A rule condition like: "Current user is internal user" inlcudes no normal users. Interal users are: $email$, $emailDSN$, $server$, $escalation$, $deleted$, ...

As an example, all escalations will be performed by an internal user called $escalation$. You cannot specify the specific internal user $escalation$ in this condition.