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WEB20: How to handle "No default folder has been configured. This is mandatory for using the breadcrumb bar."

Error situation:

This error is displayed when a user tries to login into WEB20:

"No default folder has been configured. This is mandatory for using the breadcrumb bar."

Precondition is that Web Configuration Option: Show breadcrumb bar (hide navigation tabs) is set to true, so a breadcrumb bar is used.


A default folder has to be defined either in the Guest Login Properties (if a guestlogin is used) or a default folder has to be set via the default folder feature (File > Administration > Default Folders...)


Why is the OMNITRACKER Login Page not displayed after the WebGateway was successfully installed? Why does no Login Window display in the browser after the installation of the WebGateway?

Please refer to the OMNITRACKER Web Gateway Help. Navigation: Troubleshooting > Hints for Troubleshooting. You will find more detailed information on the individual error situations there.


Where can I configure the session timeout? The value TimeOut after Inactivity has been set to 90 minutes, but the session will automatically terminate after 10 minutes.

You can configure the timeout in the web.config file. This file is located by default under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\OTWG.

For more information, please refer to the WebGateway Help under Configuration file. You can find the timeout of IIS in the properties of OTWG in the IIS Manager -> Configuration -> Options -> Session timeout.

After changing these values, you should set a Execute IISreset (via Start -> Execute). Caution: This will terminate all currently active Web Sessions. In the OT-Windows client you can observe active connections as superuser via File-Administration and how long a user actually has been without server action (idle). If this value exceeds the timeout, then his session will be disconnected.


How to title users with "user name" instead of "- WebGuest -" in memo with timestamps?

OMNITRACKER Web Gateway Help: Navigation: Configuration > Web Configurations > Guest Login Properties Window

Flag: Show Name of Guest in History and in Memo Sections


How to handle session timeouts and how to influence the ping of the web server?

Example of an entry in the web logfile:

Performed Logout (No alive packet received within the last: 70000ms.)

If the Web Configuration option Always close Session is set to True, the following two parameters (in the Web.config or alternatively via the OMNITRACKER WebConfig Editor on the Timings tab) can be adjusted to influence the ping mechanism:

<add key="OT_PollingInterval" value="60000" />
<add key="OT_MissingPingLogoutTimer" value="70000" />

Every 60000 milliseconds a network packet is sent from the browser to the web server to indicate that the web gateway is still used (i.e. the browser is not closed). Therefore, every 60 secs the page OTWNotification.aspx is called (can be seen in the network traffic).

If the web server does not receive one of the network packets (see above) within 70000 milliseconds then the web session will be terminated immediately.

If the system has unexpected timeouts, the Web log file should be examined. Timeouts are logged here.

Performed Logout (No alive packet received within the last: 70000ms.)

The log file is activated by the following parameter in the web.config (or alternatively via the OMNITRACKER WebConfig Editor):
<add key="OT_ErrorLogDirectory" value="" />


How to handle error Server Error in 'OTWG' Application after installation and initial start of http://localhost/OTWG/?

Perform a repair installation of the WebGateway SW. Then restart the computer.


Web Form: Why are there performance relevant differences when using TabControls versus Tabs as sections

When using TabControls on web forms, only the contents of the active tab have to be transferred from the server to the client. Due to the fact that only the active tab has to be generated, the form will be rendered faster at server-side. The disadvantage is that a change to another TabControl requires a round trip. If the workflow requires input in all tabs, for instance, then this solution might be inappropriate.

As another solution, TabControls can be displayed as sections. Therefore, please use the flag Show tabs as sections in the web form editor. This has the advantage that no round trips are needed when navigating between sections. However, the complete web form has to be rendered at server-side. This can have sensible impact when the form is more complex (100-400 ms). So the amount of data, which is initially transferred from the server to the client, is much more higher, the same with other postbacks.

If the web from is more complex (complex means a lot of of OnChange scripts, script buttons, …),then it has to be decided whether TabControls or Tabs as sections have less performance impact.


How to handle "Page cannot be found" during first login after installation?

Follow the notes for troubleshooting in the OMNITRACKER Web Gateway Help Navigation: Troubleshooting > Hints for Troubleshooting.

Run a repaired SW-installation of the OT WebGateway.


How to configure SSL (encrypted transmission) in the OMNITRACKER WebGateway?

A detailed documentation for IIS6 (Windows Server 2003) is available here:

The usage of company certificates should be illustrated in section 2. To use public certificates, it is necessary to order the certificate from the certification authority first (e.g. Verisign, Thawte, Telekom, etc.). By usage of the newer IIS 7 (Windows Server 2008), the configuration should be identical. Only the user interface is slightly modified.

More information about II7 is available here:



How to handle HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error?

After the installation of OMNITRACKER Web Gateway on a Windows Server 2008 32 Bit, the following error message pops up:

HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error.

Please verify the installation of IIS:

  • Did you also install "WWW Service" and "Active Server Pages"?
  • Did you install the .NET framework 2.0 and switch to the .NET folder? Did you enter "aspnet_regiis -i" there?
  • IIS 7: Did you add ASP.NET 4.0 as Application Pool?


How to create an URL with a specifed filter to the current object?

The URL to an object in the Web Client has to look like:

(OMNITRACKER Web Gateway Help: Navigation: Using the Web Gateway > Login > URLs)

You can to add the <id> of the current object with inline scripting into the message template:

http://<hostname>/<virtualroot>/OTWGObjForm.aspx?id=<%%Output ActiveRequest.UniqueId %%>&singleton=1

or alternatively - using folder=<folderpath>
The alias of the complete folder path has to be used:

Set folder = ActiveRequest.RequestFolder

folderpath = folder.Alias & "%5C" &folderpath
Set folder = folder.ParentFolder

Loop While Not folder.IsTopFolder
folderpath = folder.Alias & "%5C" &folderpath


How to replace the favicon (icon in the browser tab)?

The favicon.ico file is to be found in the OTWG directory and can be replaced, which is not documented separately. Note: It seems these *.ico files are cached in windows. It may be necessary to clear the cache to make the change visible.

Find an instruction here:


WEB: how to handle http error 503 when trying to login into web on a windows 10 PC?

Open a Command Prompt window by using the Run as administrator option. Run the following commands:

net stop WAS /y
rmdir /s /q C:\inetpub\temp\appPools
net start W3SVC


How to avoid that all the emails of a test-period will be sent out?

OMNITRACKER stores e-mails in the path:

%windir%\OMNINET GmbH\OMNITRACKER\EmailGatewayQueue\

The path is set in the Service Control Panel on the "Directories" tab.

If *.DAT files exist in this path, the Email Gateway will try to send them as soon as the service starts. To prevent the emails from being sent, you can simply delete them or move them to another folder.


How can I avoid that the plain text part in incoming mails is displayed in HTML format?

In the control, where the plain text of the email should actually be, the email is shown as HTML-encoded text. This effect is mostly due to the fact that the text that is sent by the mail server fetched email contains ONLY an HTML part. If an email delivered as multipart message with HTML and PlainText part the OmniTracker will correctly use the PlainText part.

An Exchange server can be configured for a mailbox, that mails fetched from the Internet via POP3 are automatically ALSO be provided in PlainText format. Then a conversion is performed on the Exchange server. An extract from the Exchange manual for this configuration can be found in the appendix.