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Operating system Windows

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Some web proxy(revers proxy) cannot use the OTWG20 link, as it contains "#"

The OTWG 2.0 uses the http fragment (everything starting with #" to provide functionality and appearence information..

From a technical point of view, the http fragment is meant to be used by the browser exclusively. However, a reverse proxy is both (a browser for the "real" web server and a web server for the browser), therefore a reverse proxy does not send fragments to the web server. This results in the ban of fragments in the configuration of forwardings.

To be able to use such a configuration nonetheless, the "Webplatform Installer" needs to be used for the IIS and the module "URL Rewrite 2.0" needs to be installed. With this tool, a URL redirect can be set up on the default webpage (NOT on the application itself).

Please note: The replacing term cannot contain the string of the replaced term. Otherwise, the replacement will be executed (infinet often) repeatedly. The recommended and tested settings are as follows:

  • Requested URL: Matches the Pattern
  • Using: Regular Expressions
  • Pattern: ^otwg$|^otwg/.*?$
  • Checkbox Ignore case activated
  • Action type: Redirect
  • Redirect URL: /OTWG20/#/login?guestlogin=1
  • Checkbox Append query string activated