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CR-Viewer: Why does the same report look different on two computers even though all the used fonts are available on both computers?

CR-Viewer displays the document as it would be printed out with the chosen default printer. Please use the option "No printer" in the page properties of this report. With this option, the report will look the same regardless of the default printer (assuming that all used fonts are available on both systems).


How to get the Crystal Reports Runtime Components?

The setup file for Crystal Report Runtimes is no longer included in the OMNITRACKER setup. It is necessary to install a separate setup file to display reports. This setup file is available to you only if you purchased Crystal Reports directly from OMNINET. Go to your download area in our support portal at There you will find additional information including the link to the download site of SAP.

For OMNITRACKER V10 or later:

In order to view, print, and export reports using OMNITRACKER Windows Client, OMNITRACKER WebGateway, or OMNITRACKER Server, you need to install the "SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework 4 (32-bit)" from the following SAP Download Webpage. Here, you may download the latest Support Pack as MSI 32 bit. After this, please unpack the archive, launch the application and follow the installation instructions. Please note that in order to design reports, you still need the Crystal Reports designer application. Both the Designer application and the "SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework 4 (32-bit)" can be installed on the same machine.

For earlier versions:

In order to view, print, and export reports using OMNITRACKER Windows Client, OMNITRACKER Web Gateway, or OMNITRACKER Server, you need to install either

  • the Crystal Reports Redist Install package or
  • the Crystal Reports Designer application.


How to send E-Mails with attached reports without impacting the OMNITRACKER server?

Only a server-script launches an external vb-script and should be directly closed afterwards. A vb-script creates/opens a session to the OMNITRACKER server (per MakeSessionEx) and creates the task with OtTask. Execute. This way of the session-construction simulates a normal OMNITRACKER client. Therefore the task can simply be launched without any disturbed server-side issues. In case of an error, "only" the client session is effected and not the environment of the OMNTRACKER server.

The server script can be designed as the following example:
Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.Run ("C:\myexternalscript.vbs")

and the external sript: (C:\myexternalscript.vbs)

Set objApp = CreateObject("OtAut.OtApplication")
Set objSess = objApp.MakeSession("", 5085, "DailyReportUser", "Password")

' Task "daily report incidents"
Set objFso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
strTmpName = objFso.GetTempName + ".xls"

Set objFld = objSess.RequestFolders("Incidents")
Set objTask = objFld.Tasks("daily report incidents")
objTask.Execute objFld.CreateRequestList, strTmpName, 3

' Mail to group "Recipients daily incident report"
Set recipients = objSess.CreateEmailAddresses
recipients.AddUserOrGroup objSess.Groups("Recipients daily incident report"), 1

Set attachments = objSess.CreateEmailAttachments
attachments.AddFile strTmpName, "DailyIncidentReport.xls"

objSess.SendEmailToMultipleRecipients recipients, "Daily Incident Report", _ "Attachment: Daily Incident Report.", attachments

objFso.DeleteFile strTmpName


How to handle error "Missing report or database file" when executing a report in the Crystal Report Viewer?

We mostly received this error message in connection with Win7 computers in customer installations.

This was usually a (suspected) error in the installation/upgrade routine of the RunTime component, which could be fixed by a complete reinstallation (not "repair mode") of the OMNITRACKER client. It is essential that you perform the reinstallation as the user for whom the error was produced.


How to handle missing word-wrap in formatted text fields in a Crystal Report?

In the column properties of the export schema (of the formatted text field) set option "Export formatted text fields... for Crystal Reports". Then a post processing script has to be added that replaces all non-breaking spaces. (&nbsp;) Reason: All blanks are transferred as non breaking spaces to Crystal Reports -> no word-wrap.

Example for the post processing script:

Dim db, recordset, fieldvalue
Set db = Export.Database
Set recordset = db.CreateRecordset("SELECT Description FROM Requests", 3) 'otsRsetReadWrite

Do While Not recordset.EOF
If Not IsNull(recordset.Field("Description")) Then
fieldvalue = recordset.Field("Description")
fieldvalue = Replace(fieldvalue, " ", " ") ' here non breaking spaces are replaced by blanks
recordset.Field("Description") = ActiveSession.Application.ConvertFormattedToCrystalReportsHtml(fieldvalue)
End If